The Vision

The goal of this homepage and of the entire movement of fasting watchmen, which this homepage is created to inspire and equip, is quite simply to bring revival to Denmark. This is of course a huge goal, but if this movement (as we believe) is indeed birthed and inspired by the Holy Spirit, then it is only fitting for it to have goals that are impossible for humans. Goals that are worthy the Spirits unlimited greatness and power.

Thankfully, I (Peter), won´t be standing alone with this dream. There is already a small group of mature prayerleaders that have committed to standing together with me. They will help me to shape this movement. Together we are praying for God to raise up 1000 christian intercessors that are willing to give one day a week to fasting and praying for Denmark. We hope, that you will be one of them! It is after all a small price to pay compared to the price Jesus has already payed for us and for Denmark.

On this homepage you can read about this movements vision, about it´s beginnings, and also our thoughts and expectations for those who might want to join us. There is also a section that will be updated every week with this weeks fokus for the intercessors. It will help our members / intercessors to have the same prayerfocus for each week so that we can make a greater impact together as we pray in unity for Denmark.

We also want to fill this homepage with a huge amount of information and inspiration concerning fasting. This is why you will find a page with a good collection of inspiring videos on fasting, and another page with links to the best teaching available online on fasting. You will also find quotes on fasting, prayers, a large amount of Bible verses on fasting and much more. Over time we hope to gather a lot of testimonies from the members of our movement, from when they experience exciting and powerful breakthroughs through prayer and fasting. (So please share … ) If you have any specific links, or quotes, or anything else that would be good to place on this homepage, then we would love to hear from you.

Fasting for Denmark