Info on Fasting

Sadly, there are way too few Christians in Denmark, that have chosen to pursue fasting as a lifestyle. In my opinion the main reason for this lack is NOT a general aversion to fasting amongst Christians, but rather a profound lack of knowledge. If more Christians understood how much power God is ready to give, when we fast, then – I believe – many of them would fast. Jesus did not challenge his followers to fast through “the Sermon on the Mount” (Matt 6:16-18), because He wanted us to suffer or because He wanted us to practice our willpower. No, He called us to fast, because He wanted us to receive the mighty and wonderful rewards that fasting releases.

Many Christians have tried to fast a little (one day, one meal, a few days, or even a week), but such shorter fasts seldomly make Christians passionate about fasting. On the contrary. For even shorter fasts are long enough to let the faster feel the pain and discomfort of fasting, but they are too short to truly let the faster taste the fantastic rewards that fasting gives. At least this has been my personal experience. It wasn´t until I completed a very long fast, that I started to become passionate about fasting, because prior to this I had only experienced minor changes and minor rewards through my previous fasts. But this time the rewards were huge! I have never experienced God speaking so clearly to me as in the second half of my fasting period. I have never before experienced such a deep inner cleansing as in this fast. I have never before been so indifferent to other peoples opinions of me, which also made it much easier to pursue my calling. I have never before experienced such breakthroughs while praying for others as during my fast – and also after the fast. God also had a specific agenda for my time of fasting, where He started revealing deep and profound revelations about His heart for me. And I could go on and on …

In this fasting movement we ask intercessors to give one day a week to fasting for Denmark, but I am hoping and praying, that many of our members will go way beyond that. For there are great and wonderful rewards ready to be released! This is also the main reason, that I have tried to collect so much information and inspiration concerning fasting on the homepage. I truly hope, that you will open your heart to the still small voice of the Spirit, when you are seeking information through this homepage. For I believe, He desires to draw many Christians into a lifestyle of fasting, if they are willing to obey His voice.

Fasting for Denmark