3. The Birth of the Vision

I did not feel any major change in me after I had declared my willingness to stand in the gap for Denmark with my life. But I did sense that God was keeping the process alive and was slowly, but surely drawing me deeper and deeper into a calling as a watchman.

A few months later I awoke in the middle of the night by the sound of my own voice declaring loudly “JESUS!” I instantly felt, that something had happened when I said Jesus. There was a strong sense of a powerful demonic presence in the room, that had just lifted – when I said Jesus. My body was shaking as if I was terrified and my heart was pounding loudly, men I was at peace. I tried to fall asleep again (after a while), but for the rest of this night I was only able to sleep lightly and never for long. Instead I experienced that God – while I was in some sort of borderland between being asleep and being awake – started to download a lot of different thoughts to me. Most of the thoughts were forgotten again when I got out of bed in the morning, but there was one idea that stayed with me. God wanted me to start a movement of watchmen, who would agree to give one day per week to fasting and praying for Denmark. He also wanted me to prepare a homepage called www.fastefordanmark.dk (fasting for Denmark) and He wanted me to find likeminded intercessors to stand together with me and help me lead this movement, so it wouldn´t become a “Peter Tinggaard”-movement.

I shared this experience with Moses Hansen by mail, because I felt he was meant to be a part of it, and I also shared it with a few of my closest friends verbally, but other than that I waited 4-5 months before sharing it. So when I started sharing my whole journey at “Pottemagerens Hus” in March 2015, it was the first time I shared it openly. Immediately God confirmed the whole vision in two interesting ways.

  1. At the first meeting where I shared my journey towards “fasting for Denmark”, God started touching the hearts of the people. Two of the woman proclaimed loudly under the power of the Spirit that they no longer would be held back by the expectations of other people, but that they instead would be raised up as warriors. It was a strong experience for everyone present at this prayer meeting.
  2. Shortly after this initial meeting Moses Hansen and I (plus the lady warriors from the prayer meeting) went upstairs to do the live webTV, Moses sends out every Thursday evening at 22:00. We started with prayer and worship and we felt the same presence of the Spirit as we had experienced during the prayermeeting. Instead of just talking we all ended up on our knees, rededicating our lives and our hearts to God´s plans for Denmark. After this a lady phoned us during webTV and said: “God has placed it on my heart to give one day a week to praying and fasting for Denmark.” She had not heard, what I had just shared for the first time in the prayertime before we did the webTV, so God used her as a prophetic confirmation for me, that it was time to start sharing the full vision with others and that this vision was from God.
Fasting for Denmark