1. The Picture of the dam

In March 2013 I, Peter Tinggaard, was invited to hold a prayer seminar at a church in Jyderup (Sjælland). While we were praying and worshipping together, the churches pastor got a very interesting vision. This vision has stayed with me since then and I have often used it as a focus for prayertimes and I have also meditated over it quite a few times.

In the vision the pastor saw a gigantic lake, which had been formed by a huge dam. The lake was an expression of all the blessings, that God had prepared and given to Denmark. Blessings, that God had intended to fill the cities of our nation with life and healing. But sadly the God´s river of blessings had been blocked and was also held back by a huge wall of different strongholds over Denmark. On this side of the dam, just below the lake of blessings, the pastor saw a very dry and desertlike country, that he knew was Denmark. It desperately needed the blessings from the lake, but it would only get the blessings, that God had prepared and given to Denmark, when the strength of the dam is broken so that water can start to flow through different cracks and holes in the dam.

Since that meeting I have often had that vision in my thoughts, while praying for Denmark. I have also led several prayermeetings where I have built a model of the vision and prayed together with other intercessors for the tearing down of this dam (specific strongholds) – in order that the blessings of God might flow freely to our barren country. As of yet I have not seen any major results of my prayers, but I have instead experienced, that my heart has become more and more desperate for revival in Denmark. While I have been praying for a breakthrough, God has been answering my prayer by planting a deep longing for a danish revival in my heart. He has also done more than that. He has given me a strong conviction that Denmark is going to experience revival.

One of the things that God has spoken to me, since I started praying about this dam, is this: Denmark is a country that has never experienced any major, nationwide revival. There has been periods of growth and minor breakthroughs in different parts of the country, but there has never been a revival, which highlighted Denmark on the spiritual map of the world or that changed the atmosphere over Denmark. Revival is what happens, when the spiritual dam over a country is blown away. For when this happens the blessings, God has given to Denmark as an answer to countless prayers over a period of many centuries, are finally released. Imagine that! The blessings in the lake are more than just answers to the prayers of our generation. It includes answers to countless prayers by many generations of intercessors. But as long as this dam is allowed to stand strong, the blessings of God will continue to be hindered.

[Two days after I shared the thoughts I am sharing here for the first time – for example that Denmark is a country that has never experienced revival – I picked up a Norwegian book on prayer by “chance” from a box of used and discarded books. The name of the book is: “Norway back to God” by Arnfinn Clementsen. This is what he wrote concerning Denmark: “Denmark er presumably the most ungodly country in Scandinavia. Denmark has not experienced the same degree of revivals as Norway and Sweden. This lack can be felt and seen. Copenhagen has for many years been a headquarter for sin, crime, pornography and drugs. Only a revival from heaven can save the country … ” I am sure it was not a “coincidence” that I read this book, shortly after I had made a similar statement.]

As long as our intercessors continue to pray for Denmark, the lake will continue to grow. This will make the pressure on the dam stronger and stronger … and the day of revival will be coming closer and closer. However, don´t expect instant major changes to be visible for our natural eyes. For we are praying for a major breakthrough of a magnitude, that Denmark has never experienced. A radical, nationwide revival that will seem impossible and unobtainable for our human reasoning. Learn instead to pray with your spiritual senses and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Fasting for Denmark