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If you want to join this fasting movement and if you are ready to start fasting and praying one day a week for Denmark, then you are most welcome! Please make sure that you understand what you are committing to, before you join. We have made a page called “Requirements for Membership” where we outline all our expectations for members, but we will not be checking up on you at any time and you are always free to cancel your membership. Your commitment to pray and fast for Denmark should be given before God and not just be something, that is done before men.

By joining this movement you are declaring, that you intend to stand together with us at “Fasting for Denmark”. In the signup sheet below you will be asked, which day of the week you want to have as your primary fasting day, because we want to know, how many people will be fasting on the different days of the week. We will not be sharing your name, email, or any other details with anyone, who is not part of the leadership team at “Fasting for Denmark”.

You are welcome to send an email to “ instead of filling out the signup sheet, if you prefer to do so. But please remember to give us all the info, that is required of members in the signup sheet. (Name, Email, Address, Your weekly fasting day, Yes or no to receiving weekly emails with the “Focus for the Week”-devotions.)


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