4. Dreaming of Revival

While I participated in the prayer and fasting days at “Pottemagerens Hus” in March 2015 (where I also shared my journey towards “fasting for Denmark” for the first time), God did several things to confirm, that He intends to use this fasting movement to bring revival to Denmark.

The first confirmation happened at one of the prayermeetings, when I received a small foretaste of the Spirits intense passion for revival in Denmark. I felt a strong desire in my heart for revival and I declared out loud, that I WANT TO SEE REVIVAL IN DENMARK, BEFORE JESUS RETURNS! NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE! I also felt – while praying this prayer – that Denmark had to experience revival, before Jesus returns. It has to happen, because God´s plans and dreams include a major revival sweeping across our nation. I felt a longing deep in my heart to join together with God to prepare the way for this revival, and I sensed, that this experience of longing for revival was closely connected to the fasting movement, that I was going to start.

The second confirmation came through the norwegian book, that I have already mentioned. I picked up a book from a box of free, used books and was astonished to read thoughts about Denmark, that were almost identical to mine. I found and read this book two days after, I had shared my journey towards starting “Fasting for Denmark” for the very first time.

Together these two experiences became my confirmation from God, that He wants to use this fasting movement to bring revival to Denmark. I hope that God will confirm His desire for revival in a way that speaks to your heart, so that you won´t pray for revival in Denmark, because the vision of “Fasting for Denmark” is focused on revival, but instead will pray with passion and desire, because God has touched your heart with His passion. I pray that God will do even more than this. That He will also give you a deeply rooted assurance, that He is going to bring revival to Denmark, if we faithfully do all, that He asks us to do.

Fasting for Denmark